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About Kirk Value Planners

Kirk Value Planners was established in 1998 to provide comprehensive facility economics, value planning, education, and value management services. Its leadership has over 45 years of combined experience in the field, with each having previously directed the same services in one of the largest design and engineering firms in the USA.

Kirk Value Planners works with owners, managers and other professionals from government and private industry to optimize performance and lower life cycle costs. Each project has its own performance goals but may include operational improvements, higher sustainability, increase profitability, reduced risk, improved construct-ability, leveraged technology options, or optimized building system performance. Life cycle costs can be reduced through enhanced value planning, economic analysis, choosing by advantages and the clarification of the essential functions of the systems in the facility.

Multi disciplinary teams consisting of the key project stakeholders are formed to creatively explore fresh, practical ideas to achieve the best value for the owner or sponsor of the project. These real-time “workshops” are forums for decision-making, which foster friendly discussions and build team consensus prior to documenting a series of recommendations for management to implement.


Eastside Health Clinics

Outstanding job team! We should publish our results in a project profile for Cost Modeling! Andrea/Jenn/Betsy – Our bids today at Bruce Douglass and Eastside Health Clinics came right in at budget. We(and Steve Garrett) did a great job of estimating! Recently CAYMC tenant fit out was also right on budget. It really makes up look good to the client.

Douglas J. Atkinson AIA
Project Manager/Associate

Security for Statue of Liberty, Value Analysis Study

Thank you Steve Garrett and Stephen Kirk for the great job in producing a solid VA (value analysis) study. Kudos to Leo A. Daly as well for all the number crunching, background research, and engineering thought that went into the project to date.

Christopher R. Jones
National Park Service

Capital Tower New Headquarters Building, Amman, Jordan

I am really impressed about the VE final document prepared by Kirk Associates and sincerely believe that the workshop has responded to the aspiration of the Client to the best of all participants’ knowledge. You did an excellent job of facilitation

Omar el Baba
Project Manager

Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Great meeting and outcome. Thanks for getting us a conclusion. We’d love to work with you both again. Just when you think that you may have it all figured out, you may not have considered the right combination. The Value Analysis process really does add value.

Michael Mills, FAIA
Farewell Mills Gatsch Architects

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum VM Study

I really enjoyed participating in the workshop. It was great to see the process unfold. Glad to hear that Anand had those words of appreciation. I must say it was clear that this process was well received during the workshop by all participants. Thanks again for all your efforts.
Best Regards,

Andrew Mantzounis | Design Manager | AECOM
Saadiyat Island | Cultural District Program Management Team

North Terminal, Detroit Metro Airport, VE Maintenance Study

Thank you for allowing the Maintenance Group the opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile and beneficial exercise. Based on the number of ideas and suggestions created from the workshop clearly reinforces the need for VE/VA studies. I found the report to be very informative, well prepared and parallel nicely with the VE/VA workshop.
Extend my thanks to your team for a job well done.

Steve Paquette, Assistant Director
Maintenance Administration & Services

Lourve Abu Dhabi

You and your team have exceeded my expectations…..great job!

Gail Thompson,
Project Manager – AECOM – Abu Dhabi

US Embassy Compound, Dakar, Senegal, VE Study

The report looks very good. Thanks for the great job.

Reza Darvishian, VE Manager
OBO State Department

Cherokee School, North Carolina VE Study

Confirming our conversation last week, your VE team did a thorough job of developing and evaluating value engineering proposals for our project in spite of the restraints that we put on you and your team. Some of the restraints that hindered your team were not having an estimate of construction cost, the design not completed to the Design Development stage, a lot of pre-conceived features or configurations that the Owner wanted to have in the school, and a site that is half in the flood plain.
Under the circumstances, I thought your team did an admirable job and I would not hesitate recommending them for other VE studies.

John Caron, Project Manager
Cherokee Central Schools